In August last year my partner Alfredo's son, Julian, died of cancer at 23. He was an impressive young man in so many different ways; one of those rare people who was able to connect with others at a meaningful level and make a really positive impact on their lives. He was also wise well beyond his years, passionate, massively energetic and full of fun.  The kind of person we need in these complicated, difficult times and somebody who had a huge amount to contribute in sport (martial arts, kung fu), in music and of course in life.

 When he was ill he talked about doing a triathlon to raise money for the fight against cancer and I said that I would like to join him so, along with his father Alfredo and a group of seven friends, I am now training for the Paris triathlon on 8 July. And this is where you come in. Our idea is to ask you to sponsor us for completing the event - 1.5 km swim in the Seine (!), a 40 km bike ride and to finish a 10km run.  This is the Olympic distance and for me it is a challenge of olympian proportion.

 In terms of the money we raise, we would like to give half the money to a foundation that is linked to the Institut Goustave Roussy IGR in Paris where Julian was treated and half to a  charity for young people suffering from cancer in Ecuador (for those who don't know Julian was Ecuadorean). The IGR have many foundations and the one we would like to support sends cancer drugs to young Africans. One of Julian's friends already raised 4000 euros for this charity which will treat 300 children and young people saving the lives of half of those.

 In terms of giving there are two options. The first being donating amount, however small. The second linked to our sporting endeavours so it would be:

1 euro for every 100 metres swum

1 euro for every km biked

1 euro for every km run

 Making a grand total of 65 Euros. Less in pounds.

 To follow the final weeks of our training and to see pictures of the big day, check out:

 Today I'm only asking for promises of support to my email, I will send another email with details of the charities and about how to make a payment.

 Thank you for your support.